Kisah Abang dan Adik

Biasanya Wafiq bila nak tidur malam akan bergolek-golek dulu atas tilam. His favourite thing to do is main perut Mama. He will blow my tummy until his whole face — and my tummy — are soaking wet with his saliva. After that he will roll around, talking, laughing, singing… until he finally falls asleep. This whole process usually takes about half an hour, during which I will doze off a few times.

Haziq, too, has a fascination about my tummy — more specifically, my belly button. It all started when I was pregnant with Wafiq and my belly button began to bulge out. Mungkin dia tengok comel bentuknya and started playing with it. Soon, he couldn’t sleep without first playing with it. And the habit continues until now.

So, nowadays, bila malam my tummy is not mine anymore. Si Adik akan bury his face on it and Abang pulak will slip his hand beneath Adik’s face to find Mama’s belly button. Kadang-kadang sampai berebut-rebut nak main perut Mama. Pantang tengok Mama baring, dua-dua budak ni akan serbu. The kids are so funny…

Yang peliknya, diorang tak heran pun dengan perut Abah. Could it be that they know that Mama’s tummy was where it all began?


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